Starting in 1931, carnivals and street fairs were held in Georgetown, IL.  The first official fair was held in 1938.  It is believed that the efforts of Georgetown High School Ag Teacher J.C. Murphy and Ag instructor Prof. Nelson C. Smith resulted in the first Georgetown 4-H Fair and Livestock Show.  Records from 1939 indicate key individuals in organizing the fair were C.E. Spang, Louis Hedges, Herbert Parks, Grover Blayney, RF Dukes, Carrol V. Crawford and Prof. Nelson C. Smith.  The 1939 fair had 5 divisions of horses, dairy cattle and poultry, as well as vegetables, grain and a home economics division.  The home economics division consisted of fancy work, floral, canning, baking, oil painting and a high school division.

Others played a vital role in the early years of the fair.  Fred Brown, Richard Graves, Albert Humrichous, and their wives and Mrs. Stella Frazier were instrumental in developing the early fairs.  Early fairs were spread around the town.  Fair departments were displayed in various buildings in town.  A building along N. Main St, which later housed the Plastics Factory, and the basement of the High School on W. West St. were two of the early places for fair exhibits.  Livestock tents were pitched in the vacant lots on the north side of W. West St. which later became the Dyke’s Edition to Georgetown.  The carnival occupied either the city square or the city park which was formerly Terrell’s Woods.


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